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Waxing: Fast, Clean and Efficient

A good wax requires efficiency. At Parkside Beauty we choose quality waxes and superior strips for a quick, efficient and clean treatment. Warm wax with strips is used for the larger areas of the body and hot wax, using the elite brand Lycon for intimate areas. This superb quality wax is formulated to maintain the skin, through the pre-and post-application of oils and lotions preventing pigmentation, irritation and ingrown hairs. Lycon wax is designed to pick up short hairs, be reapplied without causing skin trauma and prevent breakages. This is the ultimate way to maintain the skin and be hair-free.

Soothing aftercare lotions are applied to prevent irritation and ingrown hairs.

Waxing examples.PNG
Waxing - Mens.jpg

Half Leg – Lower or Upper - £20.00
Half Leg including Bikini Line - £30.00
Full Leg Including Bikini Line - £35.00
Bikini Line (from) - £15.50

Extended bikini line - £20.00

Extended bikini HOT wax - £24.00
*Brazilian - £41.00
*Hollywood - £41.00

Intimate Male wax (from) - £41.00

Intimate wax including the back - £57.00
Underarm - £10.00
Lower Back or Abdomen - £11.00
Buttock/s (from) - £13.50
Forearm - £14.00
Full Arm - £20.00
Full Arm with underarm - £22.00
Chest or Back (from) - £26.00
Facial waxing (from) - £7.50

Nasal waxing (from) - £7.50

* These waxes will be charged at only £29.50 when taken with any leg wax.

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