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Home care products

At Parkside, we have a comprehensive range of home care beauty products to maintain, look and feel good in between appointments.


Brands include Mila D’Opiz™, Finders™, Neo Strata and Australian Body Care™.

Our home care products are not tested on animals.


Please visit Parkside Beauty clinic to see our full range.



Advanced skin care products used in our Glycolic treatment designed to reduce expression lines, photo ageing and cutaneous spots. We carry the SPF 50 cream and moisturising cream to compliment the treatment. These products are based on actives such as amino acids, sodium lactate and urea which are deeply hydrating and encourage healing.

Australian body care

Australian Body Care.jpg

These recipes originate from the rich landscape of the Australian bush, inspired by the ancient traditions of the Aborigines who discovered the curative effects of using natural ingredients to cleanse and care for the hair and body.

Spa Find (Finders)


The ingredients in these products are derived from the Dead Sea – a full range of minerals, salts and seaweed extracts bring about a soothing and calming effect on the most sensitive of skins and are very beneficial to those who suffer from eczema or psoriasis.

Mila D'Opiz

Mila D'Opiz.jpg

This Swiss range of beauty products is based on extracts from alpine plants, flowers, berries and herbs. Together these create a highly sophisticated range of facial and body treatments, which can be used in both the clinic or at home.

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