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Meet the Parkside team

Welcome, to Parkside Beauty we’re a dedicated team of beauty therapists ready to make you feel good about yourself.

This little business has been doing exactly that since 1981.

So, from left to right senior therapist’s Eleni and Nadia, manager and owner (me) Sharon, Elaine, our fabulous receptionist Linda and senior therapist Ebony

For our first blog post and introduction we’d like to tell you a little about where we specialise in the world of Beauty and what we like. First Electrolysis – the only proven permanent method of hair removal and it can be done anywhere on the body on any hair colour and any type – that’s our number one. This treatment is life changing it eliminates the daily plucking, shaving and regular waxing because it is 100% permanent with results within 12 months. As a therapist this work is incredibly rewarding we have great job satisfaction seeing the changes in a clients confidence and how that impacts their lives. So when it comes to equipment, training and strategies we have the latest available and continue to up skill regularly. All of us are members of the prestigious BIAE (British Institute and Association of Electrolysis) one of which (me) is the current chairperson. To become a member you have to meet the high standards required including training and exams, these high standards mean you – our clients know you are receiving the best treatment when it comes to something so personal and life changing. Electrolysis doesn’t just do hair, it’s used to remove warts, tags, moles, thread veins, blood spots virtually any non-cancerous skin blemish. It’s a great treatment worth having chatting to us about what it can do for you.

That’s our main specialty but what else do we really like? Well…skin is another area we take seriously, we’re up to date with things that peel, release and replenish your skin, without the need to take serious action. We care about your skin and how it heals and rejuvenates, it’s important when it comes to electrolysis too and the final outcome. Little tricks for home use like brush cleansing can make all the difference to the texture and how products are used or look. ‘Skin is our thing’.

Something else the team are really good at is waxing. High quality products are a huge help when it comes to a good, clean result after a wax. Waxing can give your arms, legs, backs, chests a smooth, shiny look when you take your summer holidays and the results last longer than a shave. Intimate waxing such as Hollywood and Brazilian waxing is another specialty, the product we chose is specifically designed to meet the skin demands of these delicate areas by preventing ingrown hairs, pigmentation and pain. Who would’ve thought? But the product grips the hair only and that’s the key to a perfect result with these waxes. We do a lot of this treatment and our prices are worth comparing.

One last thing is our excellent shellac treatment and really it’s ‘the girls’ who have perfected this treatment, so that would be Ebony, Nadia and Eleni. ‘The girls’ ensure you leave with those nails polished to perfection, the product creates the shine but the skill in the shaping and the application…they are perfectionists. Who would think black could look amazing on the nails even after a week…..but it does – a firm favorite of Nadia’s. Blues, reds, all the pinks and oranges look fresh for weeks and it’s nice to have a little private room dedicated to nails and all are welcome a glass of fizz whist indulging.

For our first post I’m glad we’ve introduced ourselves and you can put names to faces and have an idea of what we are about and we look forward to seeing you and helping you feel good about yourself.

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