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Electrolysis - 100% permanent

Fancy being hair free forever? It is possible at Parkside Beauty because Electrolysis is the only proven permanent solution and a skill we specialise in.

There are many temporary epilation solutions out there like waxing, threading, plucking and laser or Intense pulsed light treatments, equally available are depilation treatments like shaving, cutting and depilatory creams. These are good choices to make if a non-permanent solution is the outcome. If you want something permanent – the option is Electrolysis. It’s been around since 1875 when ingrowing eyelashes needed to be removed. A permanent solution to hair growth ‘problems’ was born and continues today boasting the longest and best track record for permanency and medical experts agree – the safest.

Since then, the enigma of the hair cycle the ‘brains’ or mechanics that make it continually reproduce and often change have been studied. We now know it is not the blood supply that makes a hair grow but a part of the follicle called the Bulge. This is where the stem cells, triggers, mechanics are all housed and the part of the follicle that needs to be eradicated so it never produces a hair again. Full stop.

That’s why other epilation options don’t work and can sometimes encourage the hair follicle to become stronger/stimulated and grow into a larger version of its predecessor. Worse still, the little neighbouring follicles can be stimulated by these epilation options too so they become larger, thicker and what is called ‘terminal’ hair growth.

Modern and well performed Electrolysis will eradicate the cells in the Bulge and blood supply and stop the follicle cycle. This is good news if you don’t want to shave again or spend money on epilation products and treatments. That equates to free time, spare cash and freedom.

How does electrolysis work?

A tiny probe the size of a hair is inserted into the follicle opening visible on the skins surface, a small electrical pulse or current is released which denatures the cells and coagulates the blood supply to the follicle. The hair is released without traction, the smooth release indicates success. One treatment per follicle is enough to give the permanent result. Some minor skin reaction is normal and completely heals without any scarring.

There is a catch. Electrolysis depends on the natural hair cycles and this is where time and commitment is required – initially. At Parkside Beauty we will do a thorough consultation which includes a test patch, we will work out time frames, give estimates and we do any part of the face or body, any skin colour and we don’t discriminate. A consultation is free of charge and takes around 30 minutes.

As a practitioner this is incredibly rewarding giving confidence to those who are otherwise self conscious where their hair problem has a detrimental effect on relationships, social and work life. Sometimes the relief comes from taking that first step, making that decision to have the treatment and place your trust and confidence in your practitioner. At Parkside Beauty we are caring, discreet and confident in our approach, we maintain exceptionally high standards including regular updating training sessions and in house workshops. We use Apilus machines and are experts in Blend, fast Blend, Flash and Thermolysis – these are the different widely used modalities in Electrolysis.

Those unwanted blemishes such as warts, verruca’s, moles, cysts, skin tags, milia, telangiectasias, xanthalasmas, seborrheic keratosis, moles and more are easily and quickly removed with Electrolysis without needing stitches or leaving visible scarring. It is an amazing treatment so long as it is carried out by a fully qualified and trained therapist. At Parkside Beauty we are members of the BIAE (British Institute and Association of Electrolysis) which is a membership gained by the added training, examination and up dated CPD (continued professional development) and adherence of stringent hygiene practices. A member of the BIAE is essential if you embark on electrolysis treatment, the strict criteria maintains the high standards needed to achieve membership.

Electrolysis has significantly improved in technology, tools and techniques to bring a faster more effective treatment with little lasting skin reactions and keeping the pain factor low with improved speed and efficacy. Apilus and Instantron are examples here. However….it’s not the machine that makes good results….it’s the practitioner and the skill set he/she has developed and perfected.

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