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Advanced electrolysis for blemish removal

Did you know you can remove unsightly skin lesions, blemishes even moles with Advanced Electrolysis?

This simple current – known as high frequency (HF) current, shortwave diathermy or radio frequency current can do so many things in beauty. Hair removal being a popular and well known treatment using the HF current either manually or speeded up and used as Flash. For the removal of skin lesions the HF current is used manually where the therapist has full control over the intensity and concentration. Advanced Electrolysis uses a tiny probe/needle where the current is administered at the tip and where the magic takes place. When the current is exposed to the skin tissue it gently lifts, coagulates or releases the lesion. As Advanced Electrolysis is non-invasive, it’s non-surgical and does not require any numbing the treatment can be done on any part of the body, face and head and easily done in your lunch break too! The down time is minimal, the treatment itself is safe and there is no need to use surgical plasters after the treatment.

At Parkside Beauty we are very skilled and have over 30 years’ experience in doing Advanced electrolysis treatments.

Clients leave happy as unwanted unsightly skin lesions and blemishes are immediately removed. There is little if any scaring depending on the size of the lesion because we simply remove the lesion just to skin level, so the epidermis rejuvenates fully leaving very little evidence of it ever being there. Amazing! The skill is how you use the current and manipulate the probe to safely remove the blemish. Seborrheic Keratosis (warts with a rough, crusty appearance), blood spots (red either raised or flat spots on the skin), thread veins, warts (on fingers, in nails, hands, face/body), verrucae, Xanthalasma (yellow growths often round the eyes), skin tags, sebaceous hyperplasia (fleshy coloured lumps anywhere on the face), sebaceous cysts (sebum filled unsightly lumps), some hyperpigmentation spots from the sun and moles – we often ask clients to check with their GP and ask all relevant questions about the mole before treating. And more!

Sometimes these blemishes can be prevented from re-occurring by looking at diet and general health and simple things like clothing can help prevent too. For example skin tags (very common) either the little flat soft ones or the skin tags that are literally a bit of skin hanging can be prevented around the neck and bra area by wearing necklaces on alternate days and not while sleeping, they’re often hereditary though can be caused by friction alone. Having a properly fitted bra will prevent the formation under the bust line, upper stomach and under the arms, common here too as a result of friction and ill-fitting clothing. Though – easily removed with Advanced Electrolysis. If the body and immune system has been challenged these little lesions can appear as if from nowhere and can be a little scary, sometimes warts and skin tags will disappear though take a very long time to go on their own. At least with Advanced Electrolysis these can be successfully removed and prevent the spreading of them. The sensation is bearable and there is no pain after treatment and the body is quick in its defence to turn on the healing process.

If you’ve got a blemish, lump or discolouration you don’t like…come and see us we may be able to remove it for you and/or give you the best advice. We offer a thorough consultation which includes some treatment and all the information you need and we’re members if the BIAE (British Institute and Association of Electrolysis)

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