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Skin boosters for winter 

Book a skin consultation and have £20.00 off your first treatment



Skin boosters are a safe non invasive treatment that targets specific points on the skin for intense hydration. The products available vary though the aim is to add hyaluronic acid among other ingredients to intensely hydrate the dermal layers of the skin which give a luminous glow naturally or under makeup and encourage the skin to produce collagen and stimulate elastin. The overall appearance is a plump complexion with fewer fine dehydrated facial lines. To really help devitalised skin, and look at age prevention, the skin needs treatment in the dermal layers.  Creams and serums work superficially and help the epidermis feel smoother and temporarily hydrate though they are limited. 

Skin boosters are safe, injections to the dermis of the skin injecting small droplets of hyaluronic acid which is a natural substance in our skins, products we buy and foods we eat. Injections are strategically placed using the BAP technique (bio aesthetic points) which is 5 per side of the face these points are areas where light is reflected and where we naturally loose plumpness. Skin boosters encourage the 4 types of collagen to become stimulated so not only intensely giving hydration to the tissues and plump skin but collagen which we loose from an early age and gives firmness and natural volume.  


Safe, effective way to prevent lines and deeper wrinkles and ensure hydrated skin.

P.S you'll spend less on skin care products too 


Bio stimulating treatments or injections are similar though with different qualities to skin booster injections. Both us the BAP technique for similar reasons though their actions in the skin differ. Here's the difference: Skin boosters are injecting substances namely hyaluronic acid into the dermis whereas bio stimulation injections are not adding ingredients into the skin but injecting polynucleotides which are naturally occurring in living organisms into the dermis to encourage the skin to function, heal, stimulate collagen, elastin, regenerate and produce hyaluronic acid. Quite something. A hypoallergenic gel and injected using the same technique and just in the dermal layers of the skin. Bio-stimulating treatments will last longer and may need 1 treatment per year maybe 1 every 9 months depending on the individual needs. 

These treatments are ideal as pre-surgery treatments and for those looking to encourage the natural healing process. Skin booster and Bop-stimulating injections are ideal too if looking to have non-surgical treatments such as dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments, essentially these safe injections set the foundations of the skin a bit like underpinning and will help achieve the full desired results. 

Have a skin consultation and receive £20.00 off your skin booster or Bio-stimulating treatment.

Gift Vouchers

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A Parkside Gift Voucher is one of the best gifts to give or receive. It can be purchased in various denominations, and can be applied towards any treatments.

Purchase in person at our salon, or online by clicking the 'Buy Vouchers' button below.

If you have any issues please phone us on 020 7607 0557. 


We can post the vouchers to you by first class post or you can collect them from the salon.


We keep a record of the voucher number and it can be used for one treatment or the value can be spread over several visits. 


Vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and are non-transferable & non-refundable.

Gift Vouchers
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