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What better way to relax, release tension and tired muscles after a long day or a tough workout?

A relaxing, de-stressing massage is the perfect way to iron out tense muscles and promote a total sense of wellbeing. Our massages are carried out using pre-mixed aroma oils and if preferred, pre-heated massage couch covers to keep muscles warm and relaxed and to aid circulation.


Our technique is Swedish massage, which releases tension, encourages drainage, relaxes and can be adapted as a deep tissue style massage by way of firm strokes, kneading, and circular motions.

We can adapt our massage to provide a deep tissue massage and iron out tight muscles around the neck, shoulders and the back.


Our massages bring about a sense of wellbeing and relaxation, which are aided by couches with heated blankets that help relax and maintain good blood flow.

NB: On Sundays we have a particularly peaceful salon, suitable for total relaxation with just the one therapist and less client traffic and phone calls.

  • Personalised cleanse - £53.50
    An introduction or a taster to tempt you to one of our more luxurious facials. This treatment takes 40 minutes and includes cleansing and optional steam or hydration massage, mask and hydration to finish. Our beauty specialists will tailor this to your skins needs.
  • Back cleanse - £52.00
    A calming cleansing treatment that takes 30 minutes. Ideal to remove impurities and dry dead skin and to give a smoother, clearer appearance to the skin on the back.
  • Personalised facial - £69.00
    A facial just for you! The personalised facial uses products that will complement your skin type, leaving your skin looking and feeling recharged. A deeply relaxing treatment relieving facial, neck and shoulder tension whilst energising your skin to give a glowing complexion.
  • Purifying acne facial - £70.50
    For those needing help with blemishes, it involves deep cleansing, salicylic acid to clear pores and blemishes and ampules to heal, soothe and control scarring.
  • Glycolic facial - £76.00
    A treatment to activate skin cell renewal. Glycolic acid is used in varying concentrates to bring about intense peeling, this is the ultimate in skin rejuvenation.
  • Advanced skin peel with 20 & 35% Glycolic acid - £76.50
    A treatment not a facial. Glycolic acid is the strongest of the AHA’s and is used to help skin concerns such as sun damage, ageing, smoker’s skin, some pigmentation/prevention, and acne. This treatment can be taken as a one off or as a course of 4 treatments. The skin is fully rejuvenated, revitalised and fresh. Essential if slowing down the inevitable is your concern. Near Infrared LED is used after for collagen stimulation and to reduce any inflammation. NB: Not suitable before sunbathing or any sun tanning, open acne, hypersensitive skins or if you have citrus fruit allergies.
  • Aroma deluxe facial - £91.50
    Total upper body pampering, enveloping your senses with aromatherapy oils all beginning with a back massage to relax before facial cleansing, peeling, steaming and more massage to the face, head neck and shoulders. deluxe in every way.
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