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Electrolysis is the only proven method for permanent hair removal and is approved by the British Medical Association. Our electrolysis treatment is carried out by our skilled electrologists using the Apilus epilation machines and the latest techniques and strategies for removing large or small areas of unwanted hair, including on the legs, back, chest, arms and face. The professional therapists at Parkside Beauty are extensively experienced and skilled members of the BIAE (British Institute and Association of Electrolysis). A thorough consultation with one of our electrolysis experts is carried out initially where any questions and issues can be discussed and, a short treatment is included. The consultation is essential prior to any lengthy treatment sessions. Our specialists offer all modalities including variations of Blend, Thermolysis and Flash Electrolysis. The initial consultation takes 30 minutes. Should a large body area be a concern for you we can offer ‘marathon’ sessions for full clearances, please discuss with any of our BIAE-registered therapists.

Unwanted hair is a concern for many people, resulting in regular waxing, bleaching, plucking and threading, which can lead to skin problems and marking, possibly hyperpigmentation and scarring. Electrolysis can help eradicate this unwanted hair and return the skin to normal, as if you never had hair there! It is a truly life-changing treatment. For more information on how electrolysis works read here

Courses of 20 hours are available to be used for large areas of the face/body and recommended for marathon sessions your therapist will advise if this is suitable for you. Double sessions are available which involves 2 therapists and 2 machines and will help you reach your goals faster.

Please note: We will not provide a treatment session without having a consultation with an electrolysis expert at Parkside Beauty first, even if you have had electrolysis treatments elsewhere.

Our electrolysis courses are to be completed within 6 months of purchase or at the discretion of your therapist and are recommended for longer sessions of treatment, with 15 minutes being the minimum treatment time available. Courses are non-transferrable and non-refundable and are purchased at our Islington clinic.


Consultation and short treatment £23.50

Up to 5 minutes - £20.00
Up to 10 minutes - £25.50
Up to 15 minutes - £29.50
Up to 20 minutes - £41.50
Up to 30 minutes - £53.50
Up to 45 minutes - £77.00
Up to One Hour treatment - £98.50

2 hour course of treatment - £188.00
4 hour course of treatment - £362.00
6 hour course of treatment - £534.00
8 hour course of treatment - £692.00
10 hour course of treatment - £815.00
12 hour course of treatment - £953.00

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